Tying instruction for The Horst-sock

Tying instruction for the hair winged Horst sock.



Tying instruction.

Hook                   Single or double hook # 2-12.

Tag                     Flat gold tinsel.

Hale                    Golden pheasant red body feather, same length as body.

Rear hackle          Brown hackle. 

Rear body            Flat gold or cobber tinsel.
Rib                      Medium oval gold tinsel.

Centre hackle       Red cocks hackle.

Forkrop                Black seal's fur.

Fronthackle (1)     Red hackle.

Wing                   Black bear + 4-6 strands mirror flash + cobber angel hair

Fronthackle (2)     Guinea fowl dyed Kingfisher blue.

Head                  Hot orange antron yarn  



Fix the hook in the vice and tie in the thread

Tie in flat gold tinsel


Four turns of tinsel


A golden pheasant body feather is made ready


And tied in as shown


Prepare the hackle feather for the rear hackle


Tie it in just in front of the tail


Turning the hackle


Tie in the oval gold tinsel in and turn the thread to the point for the start of rear body


Tie in the  flat tinsel
Here is used orange Lagartun mini-flat braid tinsel.


Two layers of tinsel is laid on

Turn the rib


Cut off the surplus


Tie in the centre hackle


Centre hackle is turned


Tie in the rib and continue to the start point for the front body


Dub the thread with black seal's fur


Lay on two layers of dubbing


Turn the rib


Tie in front hackle (1)


Turn the hackle and cut off the surplus


Tie in the wing


Cut off surplus. Use one drop of glue


Tie in the front hackle (2)


Turn the hackle


Tie in Orange antron yarn

Turn the antron yarn

Not to be used without permission.