Andy's tandem tobis

Diese fliege ist auf Andy Weiss gemacht. Bindeanleitung kommt später.


Andy's tandem tobis
Materialen für diese fliege
  • 2 saltwater hooks size 6 (Mustad C525 Stinger)

  • synthetic hair (ultra wing, EP fibres, fuzzy fibre, fire lite)

  • medium tubing

  • 0,70mm monofil for the connection

  • 3D Eyes

  • Flat braid silver for the under body, flat braid fluo red or fluo orange for a bit point

  • Tungsten wire for the front weight

  • water-resistant pens for the make up

  • some epoxy-glue to finish the head

One of the main secrets is to save each step with some glue, especially the connection with the mono. Burn on the mono like you do it for shrimp eyes. Before the material coming cold, crimp it with a peang flat. This flat point can not slip out of you straight winding around the hook.


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