Skanderborg Fluebindertræf

Skanderborg Fly tying symposium 2008


The Skanderborg Fly Tying Symposium 2008 will be held in the weekend 14th -16th of March in Danhostel Skanderborg.


Danhostel is situated right down to the Northern shore of Skanderborg Lake in a forest called “Dyrehaven”, just West of Skanderborg in Jutland.



Booking is done by E-mail to

There is room for up to 40 participants.



650 DKR (app. 87 EURO).  The payment has to be done no later than 1st of November 2007.


Included in the price are:

  • Participation in the symposium Friday 6 PM to Sunday 2 PM
  • Accommodation from Friday to Sunday. (Accommodation is in 4 bed rooms with toilet and shower).
  • All meals Saturday
  • Breakfast and lunch Sunday
  • Coffee during the whole weekend
  • Bedding to be rented at the hostel


Dinner Friday evening (Chinese) is on offer for 100 DKR (app, 14 EURO)


You are allowed to bring strong liqueur. Wine, beer and soft drinks have to be bought at the Hostel.

 Below you can see the people who have already booked for the 2008 symposium   


We also have a sponsor page as make it possible to keep this event alive, and bring fly tiers from Denmark as well as other countries together in a social and happy weekend on the bank of Skanderborg lake.

If you or your company wants to sponsor the event, please send an e-mail.

Thank you to Henrik Tørnquist/Safetystick for the help and support.                      Sponsor page

Skanderborg Flytying Symposium 14 -16. march 2008.




Tommy Olinsson, DK
23/3-07 Henrik Leth, DK
23/3-07 Thomas Espersen, DK
23/3-07 Henrik Tørnquist, DK
22/4-07 Susanne Jensen, DK
22/4-07 Jan Jensen, DK
24/4-07 Ove H. Pedersen, DK
28/4-07 Flemming Harrishøj, DK
7/5-07 Andy Weiss, DE
8/6-07 Mario Mull, DE
17/7-07 Folmer Gydesen, DK
28/8-07 Kim Nyborg Jensen, DK
20/9-07 Preben Kæseler, DK
26/9-07 Adam, DK
29/9-07 Einar Zacho Rath, DK
29/9-07 Tommy Kjærgaard, DK
2/10-07 Martin Bach, DK
10/10-07 Carsten Bendiks, DK
11/10-07 Lars Øxenholt, DK
24/10-07 Kurt Andersen, DK
26/10-07 Torben Kondrup, DK
26/10-07 Gerhardt Andersen, DK
28/10-07 John Lind Rasmussen, DK
30/10-07 Flemming Sejer, DK
31/10-07 Bo Nielsen, DK
2/11-07 Per-Erik Wassgren, SE
2/11-07 Patrik Andersson, SE
2/11-07 Thomas Bebe, DK
2/11-07 Karsten Frandsen, DK
3/11-07 Tomas Andersson, SE
3/11-07 Magnus Karlsson, SE
20/2-08 Bo A Olsen, DK

News. 28. April:

At the moment it seems like there will be participants from Norway, Sweden, Germany, Finland, England, USA and Denmark.

Pictures & flies from 2007.
Waiting for food

Chinese buffet


Henrik Leth tied sedgeflies


En lakseflue fra Per Møldrup
Nymfer fra Nisserne