Jagt & hund Dortmund 2006

This story shows a lot of pictures from the Jagt & hund (Hunting & dog)show in Dortmund. There were a lot of different things about hunting, but I didn't even visited it. We were busy at our booth all the time. Therefore the pictures shows how "the life were going on" at our place, the sorroundings and some stories about that.


Our booth before the opening
Rod building and fly tying the sign tells
Some of the fly reels as were build at the booth, together with other nice handmade boxes, flies etc.
Here you see Detlef "Leder strumpf" He's making some very nice things in leather
The pond as were in the middle of our exhibition hall
Tuesday morning just before opening of the show
Here you'l see Gerd-Peter modify the tables, so we cut mount our vises
Here you see Gerd-Peters table, he was building cane rods
Detlef at work
Waldemar Nowak was assembling handmade fly reels
My brother in tying, Herman Broers, also known as my uncle...
Herman is doing one of his enormous pike flies
Here you see Jürgen, he tied beautiful small dry flies, and tubeflies in a total different style than the one we are doing up here in the north
These two pictures show how Gerd-Peter start to split the cane-tube to start making a new rod
All the leatherwork at the left side of the picture, is made by Detlev
Another good old friend. Jan Mertens from Belgium. Jan was tying at the Fly-Scene booth
Another view of the pond
Uncle and his wonderful sculpin. At a time in the spring there will be a step by step instruction of this fly, made by Herman and Hans Weilemann.
Nice, isn't it?
Gerd-Peter & Waldemar
The table of Gerd-Peter
This picture shows Gerhard Stenzsel at his booth together with a customer
Jürgen once again
The grand daughter of Gerd-Peter
Here you see Sasha Pütz from the rear. Wolfgang in the green shirt, I had the pleasure to be tying together with, at Brinkhoff's a few year ago
My table
There were four FFF casting instructors at the show
This aquarium were build to show how a Jerk-bait is working in the water
Karl Heinz, the German represent for Fly-Scene
Here we had our daily lunch. Brattwurst mit rolle
These pictures shows how much there were for sale
The pond-bridge
This man were making wobblers
This Zeppeliner air ship were flying around all the time
Here we had a very nice layer-cake. As you may see, Detlef & Herman enjoyed it very much
Here it is
Sasha teaching the daughters of Thomas Kubitz, how to tie flies
Friday evening were we all at a nice restaurant to having a "coming-together" dinner, I don't know all the people, so some won't be named...
The corner containing FFF casting instructors. Faced against us is Sepp Fuchs at the left and Günter Feuerstein at the right
Gerd-Peter & ?
Sasha & Detlef
Gerhard Stenzel
Jan & Karl Heinz
At the rear, Gerd-Peter, Waldemar & Thomas Kubitz, in front Uwe Kaptein
Here facing us is Frank Leicht who is making very nice fly reels
Uncle and his crazy faces...
Here little Sasha is feeded by his "father"