Jagt & hund Dortmund 2007

Once again I had the pleasure to visit "Jagt & hund messe" in Dortmund. Gerd Peter had called some nice guys together in a good team for this years show. As last year Detlef were working in leather, making some very nice rod-protecting tubes, reel-boxes, fly-boxes and much more. Robert Stroh is a cane-rod builder as well as Gerd Peter, both making beautiful rods. Jürgen tied small dry flies as nice as last year, and then I had the pleasure to meet two new friends. Joachim Niclas as were making very nice classic salmon flies and Christian Kuckelmeister as were tying realistic imitations and some very nice beetleimitations. As the last, there were Uwe Kaptain, he was tying flies with the kids as were visiting our booth. To finish this short story from a nice show in Dortmund, You will see a wonderful cake made by Gerd Peter's wife. This cake was even better than it look.

The sad part of the story is that I had only few good pictures from my trip, so I have to go down there once again, to make some new pictures....


Detlef working in leather
Joachim Niklas at the come to gether dinner
Jürgen Baum tying dry flies
Christian Kuckelmeister tying imitations
Robert Stroh working on cane rods
Jan Mertens were there together with Paul van der Sande
Saturday morning, Frank Licht were visiting us at the show
Gerd Peter turned in to be a real grandfather
Christian showed us his really skills...
Here you see a really good cake as were made by Gerd Peters wife, it was amazingly good
Pure happines

What to say...Nice festival. Dortmund see you again....


A nice Jock Scott tied by Joachim Niklas


Christian tied this beautiful stone fly nymph



Leatherwork by Detlef Lederstrumpf







Christian Kuckelmeister has send me some pictures as you can see here under. Thank you to Christian.