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In Western Jutland you can fish for a lot of different fish. Salmon and seatrout on two hand rods on heavy gear or greylings and browntrouts on a dryfly or a small nymph. In the lakes you have  a possibility to catch a big pike from the belly boat.

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Flyfishing in the blod

6. januar 2004

When 39-years-old Tommy Olinsson has to put headlines at his passion for angling, He says it this way: Friendships, natural experience and the climax when the fish leaves its right element and hangs brilliance and very much alive in the end of the line.


Tommy Olinsson lives in Bramming near Esbjerg, and he is the first as has been certified FishingDenmark guide. His good knowledge to the streams and rivers in western Jutland, general experience about fishing, knowledge of languages, and frankness is the reason for, that He as the first has reached the certification.




Fishinghost; a kind of butler

”I see my own role as a combination of host and waiter; You may call it a fishing butler. I do in all way, that the fisherman, as had paid for the trip, can concentrate what he has coming for, the fishing”, said Tommy Olinsson with weight behind the words. ”This is about playing a role as host for the area, show the fishermen some good fishing spots, and in all make a good time and good fishing experience for the guest as are not familiar with the local area. Afterwards, then they have gone home, they can sometimes then they look in their mind, think back, and say ”this was a good fishing trip,”  continues  Tommy Olinsson, as has been bit of a mad fisherman for many years…




Masterclass flytier

His own passion for fishing and fly tying started then he was only a 9 year old boy, he bought a box of mass-produced Chinese flies. When Tommy Olinsson was 12 years, a kind neighbour bought the necessary equipment so that he could start making his own flies. Then, he was sold. To day he is among the best fly tiers in Denmark, and is often in Holland, Germany, France and England to show his skills in fly tying. He describes him self as a Hardcore fly fisher. 


You can get in contact with Tommy Olinsson at telephone

+45 75 10 25 12 or mobil +45 40 55 65 12. Or you can mail him at:

Photos of Tommy Olinsson and the  "Black-dog " has been taken by photographer
Verner Pedersen, NV Photo