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The Ghillie kettle
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The name of the Kettle I met way back then was The Kelly Kettle. However – The Ghillie Kettle is fabricated on the same principles – and by the original manufactor – in the original quality, as it was meant to be. Later I will let you in on the story about the Kettle concept in a historic sense.

Years ago I visited Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. Whilst there I got acquainted with the couple running the local Pub and it just so happened that the husband was salmon fly fisher. Storms kept us lying low for a few days, but when we finally got under way. My newfound friend brought me a bunch of fishing magazines to read during my long shifts. No need to say they came in handy – and it was in one of those magazines I first saw the Kettle. I just knew I had to get me one of these… but alas another 6 years went by before I was able to get one, on my last trip to Ireland.

Once back home I fired up the Kettle on the terrace – I didn’t even bother finish unpacking.

From that moment on it became a very pleasant obsession and my constant partner. Where ever I went fishing, the Kettle was in my rucksack – and I do mean everywhere.

In time it dawned on me that others ought to have the opportunity to acquire such a wonder and I got in contact with the Irish family that had been manufacturing the Kettle for the last 100 years. A summer went by and then suddenly they replied, we stroke a deal and ever since, the Kettle has captivated its audience across Scandinavia too. Since then a friend has made a wicker basket on my request for my treasured Kettle – and it now has its constant place in my car.


Later I bought the largest one – the one called Adventure. In time it wasn’t only used for brewing hot beverages – but with the cook set – meals too were prepared on the Fire Base of the Kettle.

It has become a ritual to start almost any trip with the gathering of burnable materials, then the making of a hot brew. I then took it further to make scrambled eggs, bacon and baked beans. Since then – it has evolved to full scaled meals cooked on the Fire Base.  Only your imagination sets the limit.

I could keep on telling you stories about my encounters with the Kettle. It doesn’t matter what kind of outdoor activities you enjoy – be it sports or just enjoying the nature, what ever you take your pleasure from – there’s always a time for a hot cup of coffee, tea, chocolate or what ever hot drink you prefer. Once you’ve experienced the Kettle in action – I guarantee that you will fall under its spell. It never fails – every time I introduce it to someone – their eyes shine, they smile and thoroughly enjoy the show… the smells and the tasting. You are guaranteed that your drink is not only maximum hot – but also freshly brewed and no stale coffee from a flask!.

I leave you with this – whilst hoping that one day you will be acquainted with this self contained portable cooking station.

For further details on how to acquire The Ghillie Kettle, feel free to email me.   

Maverick cost 68 Euro

The kettle is  28 cm high when packed

The outer diameter is 14 cm.

Weight kettle: 600 grams

Weight assessery set: 300 grams

Explorer cost 75 Euro

The kettle is  28 cm high when packed

The outer diameter is 18 cm.

Weight kettle: 850 grams

Weight assessery set: 370 grams




Adventurer cost 78 Euro

The kettle is  35 cm high when packed

The outer diameter is 18 cm.

Weight kettle: 1000 grams

Weight assessery set: 370 grams




Here one see the three different sizes.

The kettle is delivered in a practical nylon sack as can be used as a rucksack



The grill, pot and the pan costs 27 Euro.

P&P costs 24 Euro.

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What is known about the Ghillie Kettle?

Kettles of this type are also known as Volcano Kettles. The name is just – because ones it’s fired up… it is like a volcano… sending flames through the chimney – and it burns through all kinds of weather. It was originally made of copper – and in the original concept it was created/invented by the Ghillies for the tea brewing for the salmonfishing guests.


Ghillies are angling guides in Ireland and they have played a big part in making the Kettle widely known as an ultimate camping accessory and it’s been an essential piece of equipment for Irish fishermen for generations. The tradition of using the Kettle for boiling water at lunchtime, goes back over 100 years and ever since it was first introduced – the design has hardly changed. Where ever you are in nature – you are provided with the needed materials for the brewing and cooking. Twigs, sticks, dried grass, dried heather, bark and dried leaves. There’s always been and will be amble supplies in nature to sustain the fire in your kettle. Now as then people are amazed to find that the water actually boils in 3-5 minutes and anglers amongst others have spread the knowledge of the Kettle worldwide.


  How does it work?

For starters:

  • It’s simple and easy to use.
  • It boils your water in 3-5 minutes depending on your fuel.
  • The fire is contained within the Kettle itself – thus there’s no open fire.
  • It works in all weather conditions.
  • It’s compact, durable and lightweight – and given the right care – should last a lifetime.
  • Can be operated with virtually any found fuel, heather, sticks and twigs, bark, pine cones, dry seaweed…. To mention a few.

The Kettle is made from aluminium and is essential a double-walled chimney, where the water is contained in the chimney wall. Once the water is in the Kettle, you start a small fire in the fire base, put the kettle on the base – make sure it’s set properly. Then feed the fire through the chimney with additional fuel. But beware of burnt fingers.

When the water boils, hold the handle in an angle of 90 deg. to the kettle. Then lift the Kettle clear of the base. To pour, simply lift it by the handle and tilt it using the whistle chain.


Coffee break with Thorsten & Andreas at River Varde


  • Never use your Kettle with an empty water chamber.
  • As water will expand when heated – never fill the chamber to the top.
  • Use the Handle when removing Pot or Pan.
  • Allow time for the cooling of the used items including the base – before disassembly.



  • Never hold the handle above the chimney when the Kettle is lit.
  • Always keep children in safe distance from the Kettle whilst in use.
  • Remember to make sure to extinguish any remains of the fire.



Pictures from the mashine shop as make these wonderfull kettles