Guests on my homepage : Adam (Jens Lund Adamsen)

This page shows a few of the skills of Adam. Adam are doing a lot of shrimp flies and Dee/Spey flies. But most of all, he's doing a lot of salmon fishing, and he's irritating good at it.




Fishing at Cola peninsula


A danish sea trout from a small river


Adam is my fishing friend on my trips to Ireland. I first met Adam at the first "Danish fly festival" back in '93. Through the years we have done a lot of flytying and fishing together. This short story tells a little bit about a good friend as are irritating good in mastering the art of catching salmons, knowing a lot about nice whisky's as well as flytying. Adam's goal for he's live, is to catch salmon all around the Atlantic ocean, he has gone fare, and had caught several 100's salmon through the time.

Adam is furthermore fly tying instructor in FFFD and doing a lot of speak about salmon fishing.


The flytying symposium in Skanderborg 2006


A Glowing eider


Martin & Adam

Spey fly tying
Double white wing Akroyd
Culdrain fly
Shrimp flies