Guests on my homepage : Tommy Kjśrgaard

This page shows a few of the skills of Tommy Kjaergaard. Tommy are doing a lot of classic salmon flies. Here you will see the Silver Ardea as well as The Amherst fly. Further down there's plenty of new flies.

Tommy Kjaergaard


Happiness in Paris 2005



Tommy has meant a lot for Danish fly-tying for the last many years. Through his very innovative work, he has shown us how to make an ordinary turkey feather into the most brilliant substitute for almost all kind of rare birds. Furthermore is he making some very nice Indian crow substitute as you may see at the Amherst fly above. He's a keen fly tyer and had won the Danish championship several times.

Tommy were also the man to make a copy of Kelson's gut twister. This means that a lot of us today are able to make our own twisted gut for our flies.

When you first time meat Tommy, you'll think that you had met a very shy guy, but just ask one question about feathers for classic salmonflies, and you'll have a several hour talkshow...


The flytying symposium in Skanderborg 2006


Never leave a half fly


Tommy, Herman & Ed. Paris 2006

Black Argus
Burning Cookcatoo
Jungle Jay
Jungle Don
Moon & stars
Orange Spey
Nelly Bly
Sir Conrad
Unnamed Blacker pattern
Yellow eagle
The Lion
The Baron
The Black Ranger
The Blue Boyene
The Blue Doctor
The Black Dog
The Britannia
The Bustard & Bustard
The Bustard & Glen
The Dawson
The Chatterer
Red Sandy
The Popham
Traherne's wonder
The Blue Chatterer bundet januar 09
The Coockatoo bundet januar 09
The Indian Crow bundet januar 09