News in English 2006

Monday. October 23. Fishing is almost over, it's fly-tying time

We are only few days from fishing stop for this season. This means that it is time for tying flies. I have just started to lay out a lot of pattern description, and from the start it will be shrimp flies for use in fresh water. See the first twenty at this page. Shrimpflies for freshwater.

Wednesday. August 16. The fishing weather is back.

After a very hot summer, the weather has become a little more normal. We have had some rain, and because of that, fish in the rivers. There's seatrouts as well as salmons to get. River Skjern aa has been fishing good through summer, down here we have had some rain for the last three weeks, the weed has been cut in many rivers, so now its again interesting to go fishing. It's time for terrestrials, so it's good time for the dryflyfishermen.

Friday 28. July.

News on the site.

I have tried to make a content-site as should make it a little bit easier to navigate on the page. Hope it will be useable...

Saturday July 1. A salmon at 16 kg (approx. 35 pounds) 119 cm (3½ feet) is caught in River Varde aa today. The smaller river Sneum aa has given some sea trout's up to 5 kg (approx. 10-11 pounds) has been caught the last week.

Thursday 29. June. The sea trout's has entered the southwest rivers.

After the heavy rain earlier this week it's now possible to catch a fresh running fish in the south west coast rivers. Several of my fishing friends tells that they have been in contact with big fish, mostly in River Varde aa, and in the smaller river Gels-aa. A few days ago there were caught some sea trout's up to 12 pounds. Remember that most of the sea trout fishing is done in the night time.

Right now I'm sitting on the island of Laesoe (Lęsų) up here most of the fishing from the shore are for different kind of flatfish and for mullets, but also sea trout's are to be caught at the moment, but also here, the trout fishing is done at the night time.

Thursday 25. may. Mayfly hatching in the rivers.

Today on my fishingtrip to Gels aa, there were both the big mayfly (Ephemera Danica) and the smaller ones (Heptagenia Sulphurea)
on the surface. Even a few fish were in the surface, but the windy weather don't make delicate dryflyfishing easy...

Sunday 30. April. This April has been a little more quiet than last year. Anyway, 26 salmon has been caught in River Varde aa,  The largest was the salmon at 16,1 kg but also several fish at 12 kg+ was caught.

In my small local river Holsted aa, a salmon at 14,8 kg was caught on a single hand fly rod a few days ago. The fight took 1½ hour.

Tuesday 4. April. One more.

Again today, was a good day for a fly fisherman. A local caught a salmon at 9,5 kg 98 cm, another guy lost a big fish. One sea trout at 72 cm was caught.

Monday 3. April. Big salmons.

The salmon fishing has started in river Varde aa. Yesterday three fish was caught. 80 cm 3,5 kg. 116 cm 16,1 kg and 88 cm 7,8 kg so it seems like it will be a good season.


Sunday April 2. The rivers has just opened. It was a cold day yesterday, but a lot of fishermen has found their way to the river, this first day in the new season. In River Varde aa, about 20 small seatrouts were caught. About 10 salmon, but they were all kelts and most of them were put back in the river. In river Kongeaaen, one man lost a big fresh Springer at about 15 pounds, a few seatrouts up to 64 cm were caught as well. In Sneum aa, 7 seatrouts were caught.

High waterlevel in the river
Coffee brake
Lots of people in the fishing club to day

Saturday 18. February. A giant salmon is found dead at the shore of River Varde aa. The fish was 135 cm (4,5 feet) and an estimated weight at the time the fish went into the river, is about 22-26 kg, as are more than 50 pounds.


Here you found lots of pictures from Jagt & hund (hunting&dogs show) in Dortmund text in english