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Friday 17/12/04

New rules for fishing in the rivers in 2005.

New rules tells that the fishing will start 1. of April in 2005 for the rivers from Varde aa and south. The season in river Skjern aa start may 15. As again means that there will be only four month of fishing next year.

Friday 26/11/04

Last weekend the fishingclub of Varde, electro fished the river. They stopped when they have found 120 salmon. (As were an easy job) They have the luck to catch a salmon at 110 cm, estimated weight 18-20 kg. The fish was put out again because it wasn't ready to spawn. It could be a salmon from the Baltic sea, but lets hope that it is one who belongs to river Varde aa. The old record, is a fish as weighted 19,5 kg and it was caught more than 65 years ago.

Monday 15/11/04 Belly boat club Denmark celebrated 1 year birthday at the lake of Karlsgaarde. see the pictures here.

Friday 12/11/04 The salmon of river Varde aa is saved.

The Danish government has decided that river Varde aa has to be laid back in the original riverbed as it was many years ago. The waterpower plant Karlsgaardevaerket as are laying in the middle of the river and as stop the salmon and seatrout from going up and spawn in the small creeks will be shut down. This is the best news since river Skjern aa and we are very happy. simply the best Christmas gift for the nature and the fishermen as are fishing this river.

Monday 8/11/04

Its autumn in Denmark now, the rivers in southwest Jutland are closed for fishing until next spring. It has been a good season, its many years ago, where so many large fish has been caught as this year. We can see now, that it has helped, what we use the right fish for reproduction. In river Sneum, where has been more salmon than the last 50 years, but it will be even better. The two fishing farms as are laying in the rivers of  Sneum and Holsted, has been shut down this year, the barriers will be removed, as mean that the fish will be able to cover a much larger amount of water. but this is not the only part, river Sneum as looks like a channel the last 5 kilometres, will be laid back in the old bending on a 4 km stretch. I'll bring some pictures when they start to dig.

Friday 1/10/04 Large seatrouts.

One month remain, and then the fishing is done in the rivers for this year. We have had a lot of rain, as mean high water level in the rivers. For the small river Sneum aa, it means that the fishing farm in the village of Endrup, once again has flooded and a lot of rainbow trout's has run out. Some fishermen has been taken about twenty fish per day, a good thing, because these rainbow's don't belongs to our natural waters. Many of the fish is about 3-5 pounds, unfortunally, those fish as remain in the river, they will eat the eggs from the mating fish, it's no good, because it destroy our sea trout- and salmon fishing.

In river Kongeaa, some big sea trout's has been taken the last few days. Fish about 15-18 pounds.

Frank Jensen took this 7 kg 80 cm seatrout a few days ago in the middle of the night

Wednesday15/9/04 Autumn in Denmark.

It is autumn in Denmark, its stormy raining weather, very rainy... The water continues to rise in the rivers, and it is coloured as cocoa, nearly impossible to get anything on a fly, we are waiting on a few days of dry weather, so that the water can clear up. Then the fishing will be very good, most of the fish are coloured, but there is still nice fish to get. River Varde aa continues to deliver a lot of salmon, we are talking about 150 salmon caught this year but also seatrouts are to be caught.


Sunday 12/9/04 Lots of fish in southwest Jutland.

The autumn has shown a lot of good fish, the last few days, there has been caught seatrouts up to 5,5 kg in river Kongeaa. In river Varde aa, there is a lot of salmon caught at the moment, the last three weeks, there has been caught about 30 salmon, fish up to 6 kg.

River Skjern aa, as have been better than ever before, has shown a very good fishing this year, now there is only two days left before the season ends. Some people up there has caught up to 8-9 salmon. Very good season.

Friday 27/8/04 Huge sea trout from river Varde aa.

A local fisherman Erik Joergensen, Varde has caught a sea trout at 11,5 kg 96 cm. in Varde aa.

Friday 20/8/04 River Varde aa starts to fish again.

The rain as we have had the last few days has been very good for the river. The water level has raised about one meter and there is a lot of fresh fish in the river right now. Yesterday, five fish was caught, both salmon, seatrouts and steelheads. One of the fish yesterday was a salmon at 80 cm 4,4 kg. So, now it looks like we are on the good side of the hot summer weather and hopefully can have a good autumn with a lot of good fishing.

Tuesday 10/8/04 Hot summer.

It has become very warm here in Denmark at the moment. This means that the river fishing is a little bit down right now.

The water drops, and the temperature of the water, continues to rise. So now its time to seek to the sea, there is mullets on the harbour in Esbjerg and some of them are big. They can be caught on small lightgreen flies and bread.

.Thursday 15/7/04 Green winter, high water and lots of fish.

Lots of Danes seeking south right now, They are looking for summer and sun, They cannot be fishermen. Anyway, those as are back home and do the fishing, they have some luck. All the rivers in the area gives fish at the moment, listen here: river Varde aa: 6,15 kg 89 cm, and  5 kg 82 cm, one person took a 6 kg female salmon lightly coloured, as he puts back. River Skjern aa, delivered a 7 kg salmon yesterday. River Kongeaaen deliver nice seatrouts. Last night a fish at about 3 kg.


This one is 3,8 kg 69 cm. I took it on a 2" Tippet grub- tube in the middle of the night.

Saturday 3/07/04 Record salmon from river Varde aa.
A few days ago a salmon at 12,7 kg was caught in Varde aa. The fish took a classic Speyfly.
Tuesday 29/6/04 Seatrouts enter river Varde aa.

The seatrouts has start to enter the river. The last few days there has been caught several seatrouts. Today the largest, was a fish at 5 kg.

Friday 25/6/04 We have had a lot of rain the last few days.

This means what the rivers raise, and the fish is coming in from the sea. The last week, about 5 salmon has been caught. Up to 9,5 kg. The seatrouts are on their way and a few days ago, a fish at 4,3 kg was caught in river Varde aa. In our small streams, there is a lot of insects, mayflies, sedgeflies and so on. The dryflyfishing is easy and the fish goes to the flies. Tuesday I took a greyling at 35 cm and lost three others. They were all taken on a beetleimitation #12

Sunday 20/6/04 River Varde aa fish again.

Today a salmon at 6,5 kg was caught. A small summer-salmon was taken Monday. So it looks like the rain we just have had, had bring new fish up in the streams.

Friday, a salmon at 6 kg was caught in River Sneum aa.


Salmon 6 kg 86 cm. Sneum aa.

Fishingdenmark on tour.

Since Thursday project maneger Preben Kaeseler and I has been on tour together with two German journalists from the magazine "Rute & rollen". They were up here to see something about the danish seatrout fishing in the rivers.

We started thursday by visiting destination Viborg as just have been Fishingdenmark-certified due to the high standard as they can offer fishing-tourists as want some qualified help about fishing, sleeping/staying- possibilities, guide service and so on.

Afterwards we vent to Hessellund soe camping, where we have to stay

Thursday 10/6/04 River Varde is not only fish!

Tuesday 1/6/04

Per Nonbo as have the luck to catch the salmon at 84 cm yesterday morning, was lucky once again. Yesterday evening, he took one more, this time a fish at 75 cm, He puts it back due to the politic in our fishing club, as says, take only one fish so that more people are able to bring home a fish before the quota at 130 salmon in used. Well done...

Monday 31/5/04 Salmons in river Varde aa.

Today, there has been caught two salmons. A short fat one at 4,7 kg with lots of sea lice. And a fish at 5,5 kg 84 cm.

Friday 28/5/04 8 kg salmon from river Varde aa.

Our chairman Joergen Bohnensack with his 8 kg salmon

Thursday 27/5/04 Seatrouts in river Varde aa.

The last few days, seatrouts at 3,5-4,5 kg has been caught. Yesterday a salmon at 4,5 kg 76 cm was caught.
Monday 24/5/04 River Varde aa

Three salmons was caught yesterday. All about 6-6,5 kg

Friday 21/5/04 River Kongeaa.

A nice seatrout at 6,2 kg 76 cm was caught yesterday. A few days ago a salmon at 4,4 kg was caught.
Still more mayfly hatch is going on, its a good time for the dry fly fishermen.

Monday 17/5/04 River Varde aa fish again.

A salmon at 7,5 kg 91 cm has just been caught in Varde aa.

I had the pleassure to day to see a stork in Konge aa.

Saturday 15/5/04 Large seatrout from river Holsted aa.

Today Otto Lygum Petersen caught a seatrout at 10,0 kg 91 cm in Holsted aa. Yesterday Hans Henrik Hansen caught a seatrout at 4,6 kg 73 cm in Sneum aa.


Otto Lygum with his 10 kg seatrout

Hans Henrik Hansen with his 4,6 kg seatrout

Friday 14/5/04 May fly hatch in Kongeaa.  The large mayfly Ephemera Danica has start to hatch today.

Saturday 8/5/04 Seatrouts from Varde aa & Kongeaa.

This week a 5,6 kg 77cm seatrout has been caught in River Varde .
In River Kongeaaen, there has been caught 4 seatrouts between 3 & 4 kg.

Wednesday 5/5/04 Salmon from River Sneum aa.

Today a salmon at about 6 kg was caught in Sneum . More news later.


Tuesday 4/5/04 More salmon catch.

This afternoon a salmon at 7,3 kg, 94 cm was caught in Varde aa. Another fisherman was lucky in Kongeaa, catching a 5,0 kg, 78 cm salmon.

For the dry fly fisherman. This afternoon there were small sedges hatching in Varde . Blue dun & black in colour and in size 16. I recognized a few mayflies in size 14 and blue dun in colour. Properly Large dark olives.


Tuesday 4/5/04 River Varde aa hits again. Yesterday a salmon at 11,5 kg was caught. Now 16 salmon has been caught this spring, most of them at sizes about 7-10 kg.

11,5 kg salmon caught by Erling Hansen 3/5/04