News in English 2005

Saturday 12. November Help the fish, sign for better fishing control

Dear reader of this page, our national federation of fishermen in Denmark has started a "sign under "list to the Danish politicians that we want more fishing control in the waters around Denmark. This is coursed by a lot of illegal net fishing next to the mouth of the rivers and fishing along the coast, closer than 100 m. You can help us by signing at the page of this link

All lines with two stars has to be filled out, name/street/town and post number. If you have any comments, please fill in at the box "eventuel kommentar" as are comments, feel free to write in English. At last you press the button "jeg skriver under" as mean I'm signing.

Thank you for your help

Tuesday 27. September. Another big salmon from Varde aa.

Yesterday, there was caught a salmon at 14 kg by a local fisherman.

Tuesday 20. September. EU gives 10 million $ to restore river Varde aa.

105 million danish kroner or about 17,5 million $ will be used the next four years to restore the river Varde aa. this means that the original salmon is here for good. The fish will be able to spawn in 90 km water. No obstacles at all only highway to the spawning spots. Thank you Mr. Stavos Dimas from EU.

Saturday 11. September. News for fly tiers and fly fishermen.

We are in a quiet period right now.  Water is low and clear and there's long way between the fish right now. They are there, there's lot of them, but they have seen so many spinners, lures and flies so that they don't want anything. We should have some rain soon and then there will be lots of fish...

I have made some new tube flies. These are deep divers from Iceland and originally made with long sheep hair and horse belly hair.

You'll find them here.

Monday 29. august. News for fly tiers.

I have joined a Fly swap at the Virtual Fly Box. For this I have made some tubeflies as you can see by clicking at the picture just below.

Friday 26. august. Status on southwest fishing

For the last time, we have had some rain. There has been caught some fish in the different rivers. The small Sneum aa, has produces a lot of small salmon (grilse) mainly for the spinning-fishermen, but also a few fish for the fly fishermen. In Kongeaaen, where I do  lot of fishing it has been hard times, some seatrouts has been caught, but to few. The water level is at the moment almost perfect and the rain we had yesterday should bring some new fish up in the river, when I were last night, I had to takes but no fish on shore.

This sea trout was 75 cm and 4,4 kg

In the river Varde aa, one of my friends lost a salmon after 20 minutes, they saw the fish, and it was a salmon at 18-20 kg. 120+cm long and about 45-55 cm high, a monster, but it's still where.

In river Skjern aa, the fishing is good at the moment, the fish starts to be coloured, but still there's nice salmon and seatrouts to be caught.

Tuesday 9. august. Lots of fish in the rivers.

Since I last make an update on this page, a lot of fish has been caught. We have a lot of water in the rivers, and there's a lot of small grilse and seatrouts coming up from the sea. Most of the grilse are fish at 62-70 cm but also bigger fish has been caught. There has been caught some sea trout's about 6 kg.

Friday 29. July. More rain than in 100 years.

The water has been good for the rivers. In river Sneum aa the fishing has been "exploded" the last week. Five salmon up to 5 kg and about ten seatrouts has been caught. Unfortunally non of them on a fly. Fishing in river Skjern aa is also very good at the moment, but the water is very dirty. Use flies containing orange in the daytime and black flies in the evening.

Today it has rained more than in one hundred years. Traffic was jammed, roads was flooded, but I'm, sure that the fishing will be very good for the next couple of days

Saturday 23. July. Water in the rivers.

The last week has been good for the rivers, we have had a lot of rain, as mean that the rivers has raised again. Lots of clear cool water, wonderful!.

This mean that the fishing in river Varde aa for seatrouts has begun. Most of the fish is small summer fish at 2-3 kg, but anyway, very funny on a fly rod. But be careful, one can be lucky to catch a sea trout at 10 kg+. In northern Jutland, in river Karup aa, there has been caught a sea trout at 11,4 kg and lot of fish at about 5-6 kg. River Skjern aa, does also fish and up there its both sea trout's and salmon as are to be caught. In our corner of the country is it mainly river Sneum aa as have been given fish the last few days, but unfortunally only a few. River Kongeaaen is a disaster this year, but maybe later in the season.

You can find lots of mullets in the harbour of Esbjerg, as well as in the bay of Ho and in the rest of the wading sea. so dear fellow fisherman, welcome to our country, come and try the fishing, you may be lucky to find a friend you didn't know you had or even a nice silverfish directly from the sea.

Friday 1. July. Summertime in DK.

In this corner of Jutland is it warm and dry. We haven't had rain for very long time. The water level in the rivers and streams are low but fishable. One can find seatrouts as well as salmon in our rivers, and in the smaller ones, there's a good change for a grayling or a big brown trout. They have to be fished in the evening. Especially the big brown trout's are to be fished with a muddler or a streamer. Fishing on the beech is now late night and very early morning and with very small flies. It's also time for mullets, especially on the west coast, but in a short time (with this heat) you can find them all over. In Esbjerg, you can fish them at the fishing harbour and south of the Power plant, and in Måde (Maade), next to the old brickyard. you just have to remember that the wind direction shall be from shore and not into the shore.

Friday 10. June. The seatrouts has entered the rivers.

In the start of this week, the seatrouts entered the river. Tuesday, the first fish at 6 kg was caught, later the same evening, I lost a nice fish. One can find seatrouts in most of the rivers now, so welcome summer we have missed you...

Frank Jensen with his fish at 6 kg 79 cm.

Thursday 26. may. The large mayfly (E. Danica) is hatching in the moment, and that in such a huge amount, so you have to see it.

The hatching is going on in Kongeaaen and will continue for at last one week more.

The salmon fishing is a little bit slow at the moment, a few fish has been taken in Varde aa, and the seatrouts has start to enter the river.

So... Its fishing time in Denmark

Saturday 16. April. Large salmon from Varde aa.

Today there has been caught a salmon at 14,5 kg and 110 cm in Varde aa.

Wednesday 13. April.

The salmon party continues. Yesterday three salmons were caught. 13 kg, 10 kg and 9,5 kg. Almost every day can one find happy people with a big fish on the back. About 30 salmon is caught in Varde aa since 1. of April. May it never ends....

I have made a short article about the show in Paris. You can find it by pressing HERE. The file is at about 1300 KB

Monday 11. April.

A busy weekend has just ended. The Danish Fly festival was a great success and the salmon is running up in the rivers. The last week has given about 20 salmon. the biggest, 13,2 kg and a lot of heavy fish also from river Kongeaaen and R. Sneum aa.

I have made a new thing on the page. Step-by-step tying instructions. You can see them all at the Danish part, but they will come here by the time in English.

Sunday 3. April 2005.

The season has just started. The first day in Varde aa was very good. 10 salmon was caught, the largest 9 kg. A lot of small seatrouts was caught as well. In the other rivers, there was caught seatrouts in various sizes + a few salmons.

In the Danish part, you will find a lot of different flies, made in step-by-step pictures. The text is in Danish, but the pictures talk for themselves, so please have a look. You'll find flies for beginners as well as flies for trained tiers.


This rainbow took a "Dueholm". You can see the fly under step-by-step instructions.