Le Monde De La Peche A La Mouche

This is my story about the Paris show 2005. Tommy Kjaergaard and I went down to Paris Thursday. We took directly to the showroom from the airport. We said hallo to Mr. Parashini, there after, we start to build up our booth, where we should tie flies the next three days. Just after we were finish, the guys from Fly Scene show up, and we built that booth too. Afterwards we went to the hotel and further to a nice restaurant to find some food. Friday morning starts very early, we went to the show and start up tying flies. We were at a new place this year. Paris Expo, a very large place. The festival continues growing and this year, there were 10.000 visitors. I had make a lot of pictures, showing the tiers and people around at the show.

Should you in the future, feel for visiting Paris, do it in February and visit the show, its very interesting.


Show hall No. 8 Paris Expo. February 2005


Tommy & Tommy, Olinsson & Kjaergaard.


Nadica (in front) and Igor Stancev


Gregory Vervier


Steve Thornton & Sasha Pütz


Herman Broers



Sasha Pütz


Tommy Kjaergaard.


Jan Mertens.




Steve Thornton


The casting pool from our table.






Clothing on sale.


The booth of a French fishing magazine.


Champagne was also a possibility.


The Swedish Tourist board.


Lots of nice food.


More food...



.....And more.


Another clothing booth.


A dream place of fishing.


The Irish Tourist board.





Model of a Put'n take fishery



Nice paintings.


Steffen (behind the bar), who represent Aberlour.



Our restroom!!!


Lots of people all over.




Fish in porcelain.



Rebecca & Neil Freeman.


Neil's antique fishinggear.




Antique Salmonflies.



The casting pool.



Pike flies by Herman Broers




Our table.


Fly tying.





And my self...




The view from 1. floor.






There were lots of different belly boats on display.




Marc Pedijean.


Victor, our partymann and artist.


Jean Paul Dissere.


Silk lines.


A line winder.


Nice booth with lots of goodies.


Front painting of Dame Julianas book.


Nice drawings.