Salmon shrimpflies

I have been hooked on shrimp flies since I remember. From the very beginning in Danish fishing, this type of flies were used as dropper flies in top of a lure, used for seatroutfishing on the beaches and shallow waters around Denmark, back in the late 1960' and early 70'.

At that moment only one shrimp fly were used and it was simply known as "the Irish fly" (translated, in DK; Irlandsfluen).

Later the Danes start to travelling around for salmon fishing and then brought new patterns home, I discovered that there were several of these patterns and I start to collect them.
My first meetings with Irish books telling about shrimp flies, were when I had the pleasure to meet E. D. Malone. He told about the flies, and from him and Frankie McPhillip, I learnt a lot more.

In "Irish trout & salmon flies" by Malone, you find information about the elder shrimp flies.

I met Peter O'reilly s book "Trout & salmon flies of Ireland" on a journey to the outer Hebrides. Peter has done a great job by collecting them. I have taken many patterns from his book, done some travelling and fishing in Ireland and have collected more patterns. Many of the English magazines write about these flies and their development, and a few years ago, a very important book were sent on the market. Chris Mann & Robert Gillespie made "Shrimp & Spey flies for salmon". This book is a treasure chest of information and brings a lot of development and classic shrimp fly tying.

Later on I have had the luck that other flytyers send me new inventions. This page is the result so far. My goal is to make the largest collection on the internet of Shrimp flies used in freshwater for salmon (and seatrout) fishing. Do you have a pattern as are not among the ones shown below, please send them and I'll bring them at a moment.

Behind the small pictures I have made sites containing larger pictures, pattern description and some small comments on some of the flies.
You will find flies tied on a lot of different hook sizes. The large Bartlett flies are made for showflies, # 6-8 is often used in Scandinavia, and the small ones as they are used in Ireland.

In the story of the Irish shrimp fly there's so many interesting people and flytyers. Some names are shown in the small stories as belongs to the pattern description, others are forgotten. I apologize for all the ones as are not mentioned.

Please note that the site is under still construction, therefore not all the flies have a pattern description yet, but it will come by time.

All suck. English variation of  the Morrumsfly Ullsock


Agivey Wye bug No. 1

Agivey Wye bug No. 2

Agivey Wye bug No. 3

Agivey Wye bug No. 4

Agivey Wye bug No. 5

Ally's Black shrimp. Allan Donaldsons black variation of Ally's shrimp

Ally's Black shrimp. Tommy Olinssons variation of Ally's shrimp

Ally's Brown shrimp. A variation made by Tommy Olinsson

Ally's green shrimp

Ally's Magenta shrimp

Ally's Red shrimp

Ally's shrimp

Ally's special shrimp

Ally's yellow shrimp

Apache shrimp

Ayrshire red shrimp

Badger & golden olive shrimp

Badger & olive shrimp


Badger & orange shrimp

Badger & red shrimp

Badger & silver shrimp


Bailies shrimp

Ballina grey shrimp

Bann special shrimp

Begley ginger shrimp

Bessy Bell

Black shrimp


Black shrimp with bucktail feelers

Blue shrimp (Davie McPhail)

Blue hackle Jock Scott shrimp

Blue shrimp

Chillimps, a swedish shrimppattern



 Claret shrimp

Claret tail Bann special shrimp

Curry's blue shrimp

Curry's gold shrimp

Curry's red shrimp

Donegal Wye Bug

Early morning shrimp

Easky gold shrimp

Faughan shrimp

Fluorescent green shrimp


Foxford shrimp

Francis fly, black

Francis fly, red

General practitioner

 General practitioner, yellow


Ghost shrimp

Golden olive shrimp

Green Peter shrimp

Irish tippet shrimp

John Anthony shrimp

John Anthony shrimp - Wings added

Junction shrimp

Juner shrimp

Kilbarry autumn shrimp  new 14/1

Kilbarry summer shrimp new 14/1

Magenta shrimp new 14/1

McHaffie's Wye Bug # 1 new 14/1

McHaffie's Wye Bug # 2

Mourne purple & gold shrimp

Mourne orange & gold shrimp

Olinsson's gold shrimp

Orange tippet shrimp

Owenea shrimp

Paddy shrimp

Parson shrimp

Purple shrimp II

Purple & gold shrimp - Donegal version

Purple & gold shrimp

Quinn shrimp

Red & gold shrimp

Red & gold shrimp - Bonner

Roe gold shrimp

Roe purple shrimp

Roe royal shrimp

Sandy shrimp

Sandy shrimp Jens Sunds variant

Secret weapon

Shrimp fly

Silver blue shrimp

Silver shrimp, Bonner

Silver shrimp II

Silver shrimp III

Steve's Flame shrimp

Steve's yellow shrimp

Swinford Blue Shrimp

The shrimp fly

Tummel shrimp

Usk grub

Usk Grub, modern

Welsh shrimp, variant

Wheatsheaf shrimp - Mullen

White shrimp - Burnes

Wilkinson dark shrimp

Wilkinson gold shrimp

Wilkinson light shrimp

Wye Bug

Wye Bug II

Wye Bug III

Wye Bug, the original Irish

Yellow & silver shrimp

Yellow shrimp

Yer man