Something about coast flies

In Denmark we have shallow waters all over at our coastline. This means that we have developed a kind of flyfishing (and other kind of fishing) as are not very well-known in other countries. The beach-, surf,- or coast flyfishing starts in the late '60 by a few pioneers. But today its very normal to see lots of flyfishermen on the beach. One of the first flies to be used, was an Irish shrimpfly, known as Irlandsfluen (The Irish fly). A fly as were adopted from, of course, Ireland. In Denmark it was used on top of a lure as an atractorfly. And it works very good. Today one can find thousands of flypatterns, used for coastflyfishing. They are all copies of shrimps and baitfish. Anyone who tie flies has his own pattern, but a few you will see again and again.

We fish for a lot of different species on the beach as are: Sea trout, salmon, cod, coalfish (light & dark), garfish, mackerel and even herrings can be caught on a fly. In the Baltic sea, they fish for pike and peach.
A very good sport is flyfishing in the evening and the middle of the night. For this, we use black muddlerflies as are fished in the surface or just below. Normal gear for beach-flyfishing is single hand rod, floating or slow intermediate fly line in AFTM class 5-7. Often shootingheads are used.

Below this text, you will find some of my bets, on good flies for the saltwaterfishing, more will come, but this is the start.

Muddlerflies are imitations of small fish
 living on the seabed. They are floating
and are very good in the evening and in nighttime. Very good for seatrouts and cods. This pattern are named Matuka muddler

This ball-head muddler in weighted with a brass-bead inside the deerhair head.
The fly stands with the head in the bottom as a small fish

White tail muddler fly with orange eyes

White tail muddler fly with clear eyes

Brown candy floss shrimp. A shrimp imitation as take lots of seatrouts

Pink Candy floss shrimp

Pink cactus shrimp
This fly is lightly weighted

Brown cactus shrimp
This fly is lightly weighted

Epoxy head minnow- striped

Epoxy head minnow

Epoxy shrimp

Olive shrimp

Flemming's black killer. A rubber leg fly as are weighted by a cone head.

Flemming's orange killer. A rubber leg fly as are weighted by a cone head.

Flemming's lime killer. A rubber leg fly as are weighted by a cone head.

Pink minnow. for steelheads and seatrouts.

A good fly for the steelheads as we have a lot of, caused by the fishingfarms

Brown wolly worm. Good in a lot of different colours. Try it as a tandemfly in the early spring

Blue sand horse

Green sand horse

Cobber Frede

Red nose Magnus

You'll find a step-by-step instruction here.

Text in Danish, but 17 pictures

Crab-fly. A crab imitation made in epoxy