Flytying symposium Skanderborg 2005

The last weekend in February we have had our annual fly tiers meeting or symposium in Skanderborg. 30 tiers ran together and had a wonderful weekend with a lot of fly-tying and a lot of whisky. I'll let the pictures tell the history.

Danhostel Skanderborg




Fly tying auxiliary tools


Jan Poulsen, specialist in dry flies and nymphs


Per Blaabjerg


John Lind Rasmussen, fly tyer, hook maker and split cane builder


Karsten Bendiks, fly tyer, specialist in modern hairwing salmonflies and coast flies


Good old chaps, Mogens Espersen and Gerhard Lund, both keen fly tiers. Henrik Tornquist in the background.


Henrik Leth, the man behind


Bjarne Friis, prof. splitcanebuilder and Peter Hansen, chairman in "Fynske lystfiskere"


Friday evening dinner, Chinese takeaway


Preben Kaeseler, head of staff in Fishingdenmark


Karsten Bendiks og Soeren Glerup , fly tying instructor


Mikael Nanoq, new man in fly tying


Per Eikeseth Knudsen, keen fly tier and caster from Norway


Kim Christensen, Karsten Bendiks and Niels Verner Pedersen


Henrik Leth


Tommy Kjaergaard and the result of to much whisky


Niels Verner Pedersen, Danish champion in fly tying 2002


A very serius Kim Christensen (few minutes before we burnt his beautiful hair wing salmonfly)


Soeren Klünder our former chairman in FFFD




Some of the fly tiers


Winter in Denmark



More fly tiers





Martin Bach tying a classic salmon fly in his hand



The born of a  Francis tube


Making dry flies





Henrik Tornquist as have made the pictures in the bottom of this page


Having a nice time. In danish: Hygge


Tommy Kjaergaard, Flemming Sejer and me self in the middle


Gerhard Lund


The lake of Skanderborg



The pictures below is made by photographer Henrik Tornquist




Happiness Friday evening




Creebs, by Jan Olsen


Niels Verners pikepopper


Testcasting the new G. Loomis  16 feet rod.


Our Norwegian friends, Per Eikeseth & Oddbjoern


Do we want to tie, or?


My place, but I did two flies during the weeend