Tying instruction for Adams


Tying instruction for Adams. A classic American dry fly.



Tying instruction.




Front hackle


Single hook # 10 - 22

A mix of grizzly & brown hackelfibres

Muskrat (Chinchilla or Adams grey Flyrite can also be used)

Grizzly hen hackle tips

Brown & grizzly hackles


Tying instruction



Fix the hook in the vice


The thread is tied in at the 1/3 point from the eye


Tie in the hen hackle tips. Wing length a little bit longer than the hook gape


Wrap the thread back to the point just in top of hook point


Cut off the hackle stems


Tie in some brown and grizzly hackle fibres


Dub the thread. Use only a very little amount of dubbing


Wrap dubbing to the rear end of the body, and then return to the wing base


Make two layers of dubbing


Tie in the brown hackle


Tie in the grizzly hackle


Rise the wing and make a foundation of the tying thread


Cut off the hackle stems in front of the wing


Turn the brown hackle


Turn the grizzly hackle


Here the wing from the top, you can see that the wings are divided in a V


Here is the finished fly


The fly from the front end


May not be used commercial without written permission.