Tying instruction for Daddy long leg


Tying instruction for Daddy Long leg.

Daddy Long leg

This fly is a parachute dry fly.


Tying instruction.


Extended body                                

Rear body            

Wing base                     

Parachute hackle 



Hackle base                       

Single hook # 10-12. 

Black super chenille, as has been burned in the rear end.

Tan or olive dubbing at the outside of the black part of the foam cylinder.

A black/yellow foam cylinder (3mm diameter, approx. 1/10 inch).

Chocolate dun or brown cock.

Pheasant tail fibres.

Cree or brown rooster tips.

Yellow part of the foam cylinder.


Tying instruction


Fix the hook in the vice and tie in the thread.


Tie in the black super chenille for the extended body.


Tie in the black part of the foam cylinder at top of the chenille.


Wrap the thread to the hackle base and make a foundation to keep the cylinder up right.


Tie in the hackle flat with the shiny side up.


Dub the thread.


Dub the body in two thin layers.


Now, cut out six pieces of pheasant tail fibres. (as long as possible)


Now you will have to make two knots at each fiber.


I use to make the outer knot first.


Like this.


Now, make a new knot one third from the thick end.


Make six legs.


Tie in three legs on each side of the foam cylinder. No reason to tie in legs pointing forwards, they will bend over then you cast the fly anyway.


Prepare the hackle tips for the wing.


Tie in the wings flat and divided.


Now dub the wing foundation.


Turn the hackle, each turn below the one before. About three turns.


Just leave enough foam to make a dot to make the fly more visible at the water.


The finish Daddy Long leg.

May not be used commercial without written permission.