Tying instruction for Dueholm


Tying instruction for Dueholm. A classic  Danish seatrout fly.


This fly is a classic Danish seatroutfly from Jutland. It was tied the first time in 1963 by Poul Friis.


Tying instruction.

Hook                    Single hook # 2-6. Limerick bend

Tail                      Golden pheasant topping.

Body                    Peacock herl.

Rib                      Yellow silk.

Wing                   4 pcs. white cock hackles.

Fronthackle         2 pcs. ginger cock hackles.





Materials used for this fly.

  • Golden pheasant topping.

  • Peacockherl.

  • White cockhackles.

  • Cinger cockhackles.

  • Yellow silk

Tying instruction



Fix the hook in the vice and tie in the thread.


Tie in the tail.


6 peacockherl and yellow silk For the rib, is tied in.


Make the body by turning the herls.


turn the silk to form a nice rib.


Tie in the white hackelfeathers for the wing.


Now, you turn the hackelstems against the rearend of the hook, secure them with two turns of tying thread.


The two ginger hackles are tied in, in the tips and the hackles are doublet.


This picture shows the collarhackle and head when it's fininsh.


The fly is finish.


Made for seatrouts but good for rainbows.

May not be used commercial.