Tying instruction for Glen Grant


Tying instruction for Glen Grant. A classic  Spey fly.

Glen Grant.

This fly is a classic Spey fly. It was tied the first time about 1870-80 by Major James Grant.


Tying instruction.

Hook                    Single hook # 2-6. Long shank Spey hook.

Tail                       Golden pheasant yellow body feather.

Body                    Yellow & black Berlin wool.

Body hackle         Black Spey cock hackle

Rib                      Silver lace and thin oval silver tinsel.

Wing                    4-6 pcs. jungle cock feathers.

Fronthackle          Teal hackles.

Head                   Yellow Berlin wool.


Materials used for this fly.

  • Golden pheasant yellow body feather.

  • Black & yellow Berlin wool.

  • Black Spey cock hackle.

  • Teal hackle.

  • Silver lace and thin oval silver tinsel.

  • 4-6 jungle cock feathers.

Tying instruction



Fix the hook in the vice and tie in the thread and the tinsels.


Wrap the thread back to the point just over the hook point.


Tie in the tail.


Tie in the hackle stem, turn the thread 1/6 part ahead and dub the thread with yellow Berlin wool.


Make the yellow body part in two layers.


turn the thread up to 4/6 part point.


Dub the thread with black Berlin wool .


Make the black body by laying two layer of wool.


Continue the body, so it looks like shown.


Now, turn the first rib (lace).


Turn the thin oval tinsel.


Turn the body hackle.


As the fly look when the body hackle has been turned.


Tie in the front hackle, in the tip.


Turn the front hackle.


Dress the hackles and prepare the wing feathers.


Tie in the first set of jungle cock feathers for the wing.


Tie in the next set.


And the third.


Tie in the teal strips.


Dub the thread with yellow Berlin wool and make the head.


The fly is finish.


May not be used commercial without written permission.