Tying instruction for Olinsson's gold shrimp


Tying instruction for Olinsson's gold shrimp. A Danish shrimp fly.

Olinsson's gold shrimp

This fly is a Danish shrimp fly.


Tying instruction.



Tail hackle           

Rear body            


Center hackle 

Front body




Single, double or treble hook # 6-18. 

Thin oval gold tinsel.

Golden pheasant red body feather, turned.

Flat gold tinsel.

Thin oval gold tinsel.

Orange hen or cock.

Flat gold tinsel.

Thin oval gold tinsel.

Jungle cock tied in, in flat and v-shape.

Black hen or cock hackle.


Tying instruction


Fix the hook in the vice and tie in the thread.


Tie in the thin oval tinsel for the tag.


The tag is build by turning five turns of tinsel.


Tie in the rear hackle feather.


Turn the hackle.


Tie in the rib.


The tying thread is turned to centre of the shank, tie in the flat tinsel and turn it to the rear hackle and then back to the start..


Turn the flat tinsel.


Turn the rib


Tie in the hackle feather at the tip.


Turn the centre hackle


Tie in the rib for the front body


Here the flat tinsel is ties in and then turn the rib


Make two turns of rib at the front body


Tie in the front hackle at the tip of the feather


Turn the hackle and cut off the hackle stem


Pick out two jungle cock feathers for the wing


Prepare the right length for the wing


Tie in the jungle cock, flat and in a v-shape


And the other one


The feather stems are laid back over the body and secured. Cut off the stems


Make the head


The fly is finish then the head has been varnished


The fly seen from the top


Another side view


The fly seen from oblique down


The fly as I think it's seen from a fish point of view


May not be used commercial without written permission.