Tying instruction for Muddlerkutling


Tying instruction for muddler fry. (Coastfly made with deer hair body).


Muddler - fry.



Hook                   Singel hook # 2-12.

Tail                     Light tan horse belly hair, but you can use white fox tail hair as well.

Body                  Deer hair.

Eyes                  Holographic epoxy eyes 5 mm.


The pictured fly is made on a #6.



Materials used for this fly.


Icelandic horse hair.


Deer hair.


Holographic eyes 5 mm.


Tying instruction


The tail is tied in and its time for fixing the first bunch of deer hair.


A small bunch of hair is laid on top of the root of the tail, two loose turns of thread are laid around the hair bunch.
Note that the tips of the hair is at the rear end of the fly.


Pull tension on the thread and the hair will rise as a collar.


Pull the hair back.


Compress the hair bunch.


Prepare another bunch of hair.


Cut the tips of the following bunches. The hair length is about 10-15 mm
Continue until the shank is filled up.


Glue the head with locktite. The body is ready to be cut in shape.


Now, the body has to be cut in correct shape. For this purpose, a serrated scissors is very good.


Her the top is cut. The technique is to cut the body in a square. 
Then cut the shape in an octagon.
Cut the head end as a cone.

Her the body has been cut in octagon shape.


The coarse cut is finished.


Its time to burn the correct shape.


The head is burned in the correct shape.


The front part is burned in shape.


The burning is done.


Brush the body to clean it.


The fly is now ready to have eyes mounted and to be painted.


Holographic epoxy eyes 5 mm.


The eyes is fixed.


A drop of locktite is put on to secure the eyes.

Colour the body with a prismatic color pen.
Now the fly is finish.


The fly seen from the top.

May not be used commercial without permission.