Fishing waters

Kings river (Kongeaaen)

The most south river i cover as fishingguide.

This river carry all the kind of fish as are interesting for a fly fisher. One can catch browntrout, greylings, seatrouts & salmon.
The river also contains large pikes as well as a lot of coarch fish.

In the spring you can fish for large salmon (springers)and in top of the river, browntrouts & greylings.

You can find gammarus as well as mayflynymphs, stoneflynymphs and sedgelarvas.
In the start of of april, we have the first stone fly rises & late april, the mayflies start to hatch, as the large dark olive as the very first.

This hatch starts the season for the dryflyfisherman.

Late may/first june the large mayfly (Ephemera Danica) starts to rise. This fly can realy call the large browntrouts & greylings to the surface. They are to find all over in the river. In this periode you can also find yellow as well as brown may (Heptagenia sulphurea & fuscogresia) One can find the small Caenis as are to be imitated in size 22-28 as spent spinners.

In the middle of the summer there will be BWO (blue winged olives) and sedgeflies through out the summer.

In western jutland we have a lot of beetles. Terristrials and daddy longlegs are to be find in the late part of the season.




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