Deep diving Hebo fly


Deep diving Hebo fly


Tube Fly

Tube                    : 1" plastic 2 mm tube (1 inch is 25,6 mm)

Tag                       : 5 turns of fluo orange Uni yarn

Body                    : 10 mm silver US. tube

Throat                  : White polar fox tail

Wing                    : Orange polar foxtail mixed With cubber twinkle flash, holographic gold and cubber Angelhair, orange Finehair

Head                    : Small silver conehead



The name comes from a very old put'n take fly as I made about 18 years ago. White body and orange bag.

Fix a 1" plastictube in the vise. Tie in the thread approx. 1/4 inch from the rear end. Tie in five turns of fluo orange Uni yarn. Glue the silver US tube next to the tag. Then it's time for the throat but the opposite way, tie in some white polar fox tail heading in front of tube (has to be folded back when finishing the fly) when it's time to tie in some orange fox hair mixed with flash. Tie in the same way as the thraot. Tie of thread. Take tube out of vise and put on the conehead. Now the entire wing and throat will be turned rear, and you will have the finished tube fly. But before that, cut of the surplus of plastic tube (in front of conehead) Melt  a collar.

The rear end of the plastic tube may not be meltet (no collar). Because when you use this type of fly, the knot as you have fixed hook with, has to be pulled inside the tube.