Green Highlander tube fly


Green Highlander tube fly


Tube Fly


 Tube                  : 1" plastic tube

Tag                      : Five turns of medium oval silver tinsel

Tail                      : Lemon yellow Antron yarn

Rib                       : Medium oval silver tinsel

Rear body          : Lemon yellow Antron yarn

Front body         : Starlight dubbing, green

Body hackle       : Green hen-body feather

Front hackle       : Yellow regret

Wing                   : Orange, Green highlander, yellow and black tempeldog mixed with  twinkel flash cubber, and strands of holograpic gold
                               Angelhair and fluo green Fine hair.  Come's alive flash in pearl, green and green.

Conehead           : Small silver



The old classic Green Highlander converted into a hairwing conehead tube fly.

The wing has been tight in as a "Tempel-dog tube fly-style" this mean that the wing is tied in front of body and then folded back. This again means that the top of the wing, has to be tied in as the first layer, repeat it, until you have all colours in your wing. Each layer has to be shorter, to form a nice wing